Getting Mission Critical data into the hands of caregivers.


We believe in the power of connecting the dots to help improve healthcare. We are utilizing our combined experience, expertise, and knowledge to make that happen. We come from a healthcare background; we have all worked in healthcare; and we have family that works in healthcare. We know the challenges. We see it everyday. So we gathered a team of the brightest minds and put together a platform designed to easily share information, so clinicians could focus on what they do best… helping patients.

Our passion for contributing to patient care transcends our work at Vivlio Health® and drives us to continuously create and innovate. At Vivlio Health, our story began identifying the need of physicians to quickly aggregate patient clinical data that was stored across a patient’s continuum of care. The 21st Century Cures Act passed in 2016, going into effect in 2021, broke down the barriers for patients and any authorized agent to simply and easily access this information.

Our collective backgrounds managing large volumes of healthcare information in our former companies sparked the idea of a business, a clinical clearinghouse, to aggregate and disseminate this information on demand. Since we work in healthcare, we saw this as a significant problem – the lack of critical data to care for patients. That’s when the challenging but immeasurably satisfying work began.

We set out to solve that problem. We developed a concept of how we could make the lives of clinicians easier. We hired exceptionally talented people, and then built the system and tools to solve that problem.  And, we love what we do. We love being an extension of the clinical team. And we have healthy (and lively) discussions about the next problem to solve for them. At the end of the day, it’s about helping clinicians and their invaluable clinical staff deliver better patient care.

This is how Vivlio came to be and we look forward to sharing more of our story with you.



Vivlio Health recognizes and appreciates that our employees, clients, and shareholders come from diverse backgrounds and makeups. We promote an environment of mutual respect, accountability in our roles, and appreciation that each individual brings a unique set of talents that benefit the entire organization. We value diversity of people and also diversity of opinions, and we are collectively driving towards our common mission – improving patient health.

Our environment is inclusive of all individuals who wish to serve this important mission and recognize that a diverse workforce is also reflective of the diverse communities we serve. Vivlio Health promotes non-discriminatory practices, an open-door policy to address grievances, and a zero-tolerance policy for violating our principles and our mission. We not only promote these policies in writing, but rather we have implemented and practiced these policies from day one. Our diverse group of employees and executive team signifies that we are living our principles every day and will continue to live these principles as we expand our firm.





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