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Improve your medical record workflow

Make Your Practice More Efficient By Automating Medical Record Management

When you have the medical records you need to assess and treat a patient all in one place – with the tools to manage them – you get more done faster, better and more profitably.

The web-enabled automation technology of Vivlio Health® makes it easier to access, interpret and transfer patient records so you can focus more on what matters most: providing exceptional care.

Managing and requesting access to healthcare data is just a few clicks away.

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Access Medical Records From Any Provider or Health System, Regardless of EMR

Imagine This: 

  • Less faxing and making extra phone calls to get records from multiple providers. 
  • No more sifting through print outs and tabs of data or figuring out who and where to transfer files to. 
  • Walking into appointments with a treatment plan based on a complete knowledge of your patient’s history. 

That’s exactly what Vivlio Health’s sophisticated data management tools can do for your organization. How much more of an impact could you and your teams make with that kind of time back in your days and cost savings?

Let’s Talk Some More:

We would love to show you what Vivlio Health could do for your practice, including: 

  • Speeding time to treatment
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Fewer canceled procedures
  • Higher patient and staff retention

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How Vivlio Saves Time and Money 

Vangie Anastopoulo from Primary Care House Calls notes how they use Vivlio to “get a quick turnaround on retrieving records from hospitals” resulting in making their practice life “so much easier”.

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See how to get the information you need to treat patients faster and better in a single platform.