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Where Care Meets Innovation

Easily access patient records—no matter where they reside—to deliver the best care possible. The Vivlio Health Platform is a cloud-based medical record management software that simplifies, standardizes, and automates processes for accessing and using medical records.

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You Provide the Care.
We’ll Provide the Records

Get patient records faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible. Use our modern cloud-based medical records solution with interoperability to access records from your referring providers. This lets you seamlessly share records quickly and securely.

Use our automated technology or innovative fax tools to retrieve, interpret, and quickly use medical records so you can focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional patient care. Our mission is to improve your medical record processes by over 50%. With our Vivlio Health Platform, you can improve the entire electronic medical record workflow to save time and money while enhancing care. And, we can integrate with any EMR to further automate this process.

Experience the Power of Automation

Avoid delayed or canceled appointments because of challenges with medical records. Our innovative cloud-based platform lets you access, search, find, and manage all records electronically, regardless of file type. And, we can integrate with any EMR to further automate this process.

Put the power of process automation to work for your organization. The Vivlio Health Platform ensures complete patient records are readily available to prevent redundant tests, avoid unnecessary delays, and improve quality of care by empowering providers with essential medical history.

Transform Patient Care

Empower caregivers by integrating each patient’s clinical data across the continuum of care, improving both efficiency and patient outcomes. Our platform:

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Simple Processes Can Cut Waiting Time By Weeks or Months

Our cloud-based app easily retrieves medical records, even if they’re not from your EMR. Removing barriers to accessing records can save you weeks or months of waiting time to get the information you need.

We can also help you filter, search, locate, and organize medical records based on your specialty. Our sophisticated tools help you prepare your charts and seamlessly integrate clinical data from internal and external systems.

One Platform Handles All Records Processes

Using multiple platforms to create and retrieve a medical record creates silos and fragmented information. We offer a better strategy. With Vivlio Health, you easily initiate a new medical record request by selecting the patient, provider, and appointment date. Or you can use different search options to find and access an existing record.

Once you create an electronic request, our platform handles the rest. You’ve never experienced an electronic health records process like this that moves at the speed of care!

Our Mission:

Putting Critical Data into Your Hands

Vivlio Health is dedicated to putting mission-critical data into the hands of healthcare professionals swiftly and securely. We’re more than an EHR software platform. We’re a partner in your healthcare journey.

We’re driven by integrity, innovation, and impact, striving to enhance the capabilities of caregivers and improve patient outcomes. Our platform gives you real-time data aggregation for comprehensive patient information, collaborative tools to facilitate enhanced communications and decision-making, and customized interfaces to meet the needs of your practice.

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