Vivlio Health® is a cloud based platform that provides tools for clinical staff to access medical records electronically or via fax; manage and search through all records electronically regardless of file type; and do chart prep in a seamless way.  Vivlio’s innovative platform is designed to remove the inefficiencies of the medical record management processes for doctors and their staff.  Medical records shouldn’t be the reason why appointments are delayed or cancelled; or that tests are rerun for a patient.

Clinical support staff are the unsung heroes in a provider’s office. Most physicians would agree, without Certified Medical Assistants, Front Office Staff, Nurses, and Medical Records staff, a practice would collapse. One of the most difficult challenges is collecting and presenting medical history for a new patient. Often, keeping track of these patients, especially those referred outside of a health system or clinic, is very time consuming and cumbersome. Staff use excel spreadsheets or notepads to keep track of these patients, notate where medical record requests originated and to whom and whether proper release of information forms have been signed, all prior to the patient being seen.  Our mission is to drastically improve this process for your practice and improve patient care.

This medical narrative of patient data is vital for a physician to understand why the patient is presenting, what medications a patient is taking, what tests and radiological images have been recorded, and if the patient was hospitalized, what the discharging physician notes and comments state.

Since this information is so vital, leveraging workflow automation technology to systematize the multiple steps a practice must go through ensures nothing gets missed, a patient does not present with missing or incomplete records, and tests do not get unnecessarily repeated. At the end of the day, data is power, and medical history for a provider seeing a patient is critical to care for that patient. Automating these vital steps through sophisticated web enabled technology so that no steps are missed is critical to provide exceptional care for the patient. And with the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, we created a health information exchange platform to easily share the data.


We believe in the power of connecting the dots to help improve healthcare. We are utilizing our combined experience, expertise, and knowledge to make that happen. We come from a healthcare background; we have all worked in healthcare; and we have family that works in healthcare. We know the challenges. We see it everyday. So, we gathered a team of the brightest minds and put together a platform designed to easily share information, so clinicians could focus on what they do best… helping patients.

Vivlio Health maintains the highest level of security for patient sensitive data. Vivlio and its technology partners have certifications backed by HiTrust, EHNAC, and FedRamp, the US Government body validating security for its own networks. Vivlio Health also maintains a world class service approach in caring for our clients – we view ourselves as an extension of patient clinical care and an extension of the practices we serve. Whether a client is using an entry level product or one of our more advanced service offerings, we aim to exceed expectations and strive for long lasting partnerships.


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