Save time and money with quick and complete medical record access from any EMR

Access and Manage medical records from any provider or health system, integrates with any EMR, and enhances the productivity of your clinical staff.

Automated Chart Prep Avoid sifting through hundreds of pages and create your chart prep within just minutes. Avoid sifting, printing and scanning.

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“This is one of the biggest advances I have seen since the implementation of EMRs. The ability to aggregate a patients previous medical records seamlessly both saves us time and gives us almost realtime access to so much information that it normally would take us weeks to collect from each primary source our selves. This allows us to both save time and money by not having to order things simply because we are unable get results. This should be part of every EMR.”

- A healthcare provider customer in a pain and spine practice


What if your clinical team had one central place – a hub for the clinical team – that housed all the workflows associated with medical record retrieval, chart prep and document organization, and record release, regardless of the EMR hosting that data? And, this new workflow could give them time back in their day. Contact us today to learn more.

Your practice and your staff are faced with many challenges – employee burnout, inefficient processes, staff retention, and most importantly finding more time for patient care. Vivlio’s mission is to improve the productivity of your practice. This means less stressed employees, reduced attrition and improved patient outcomes. Learn more through a quick DEMO of our platform.

Our sole purpose as a company is to increase the productivity of your practice’s day to day operations and improve employee and patient satisfaction by upgrading your medical record processes and workflows. How does it work?

Through Vivlio Health, your clinical staff will have access to a sophisticated data management platform. This means that you can search for the information you need regardless of document or format type while easily prepping records for a patient visit. In other words:

No more sifting, sorting, tabbing, printing or scanning AND more time on the things that matter most to you and your practice. Contact us today to learn more.


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