Vivlio is a web-based application that serves as a clearinghouse engine to exchange vital patient clinical data. Vivlio serves as the connective tissue to join this data in a central repository, regardless of source, so that a physician and her staff have one source for all of a patient’s history.



What if your clinical team had one central place to access medical records and images across providers and hospitals, regardless of the EMR hosting that data?

Vivlio Health Clinical Data Sharing Platform Dashboard

But, you say, that information comes to us in so many ways, fax, phone, CD, and electronic.  How can Vivlio access all of that data?

Suppose we told you it’s possible to solve the problem as long as you connect with those hosting this information based on how those providers send out clinical data today

Vivlio Health Clinical Data Sharing Platform

But, you think, that sounds innovative and interesting, but we still need to sift through all the information we receive back to isolate only the clinical information we need?

Vivlio Health Clinical Data Sharing Platform Focus

Suppose your clinical staff leveraged sophisticated data management tools combined with the most powerful medical search engine on the market to isolate only the clinical data that you need?

Yes, you say, but we need to transfer records out to other organizations (Vivlio does that too!)


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