Interoperability is a critical component of value-based care models and frankly, good care. Practices will need to recognize that interoperability workflows need to accommodate both fax and electronic record exchange. It is important to have workflows and tools that can support our current process and future processes when it comes to managing medical records.

With interoperability at the forefront of our healthcare system, it’s imperative decision-makers seize the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other physicians. At the end of the day, the main directive is to provide the best patient care experience possible and for that to happen, early and complete access to clinical data is an essential component.



Vivlio Health® is a software solution bridging the gap between systems and medical facilities, so healthcare can continue to thrive. We believe interoperability is a critical factor in accomplishing positive health outcomes, improving workplace efficiency, and saving clinics large sums of healthcare dollars.  For the complimentary ebook with this podcast, please email us at