The need for treating physicians to have a complete clinical understanding, which includes the need for a complete clinical history of each patient hasn’t changed, but the process of how that 
clinical history is found and exchanged is beginning to change. With the new 21st Century Cures Act, the ground rules are taking shape and regulation that prohibits not-sharing is in place. However, we’re at the very beginning of a long – and likely lengthy – journey to 100% digital exchange.

In the meantime, providers, health systems and clinicians must treat patients in need of treatment and can’t wait. So here we are in the middle of another change – or transition – in healthcare. It’s likely that many applaud this change as needed and necessary, but the transition requires knowing how to handle things as they are today, while preparing and taking advantage of digital exchange when it’s available as it’s available. The process to automating your medical record workflows should start now with the understanding that the journey for a 100% digital solution will take time.