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Webinar: The challenges doctors face with incomplete clinical data when treating their patients

2024-07-06T16:29:46+00:00April 18th, 2023|Best Practices, Webinar|

The medical record process is complex and challenging. In this webinar, featuring Vivlio's Chief Health Information Officer, Ken Bradley and Head of Cardiology at Wellstar, Dr. Barry Mangel, we discuss: Why this process is so challenging  The different stakeholders in the process  Solutions that you can evaluate to address inefficiencies in your practice With staffing

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Blog: How oncologists can provide vital patient care & navigate around challenges

2023-04-11T18:44:49+00:00April 11th, 2023|Best Practices, Blog|

How Oncologists can Provide Vital Patient Care & Navigate around Challenges Physicians strive to provide excellent patient care, address patient needs, and treat patients to the best of their abilities. For oncologists, conditions are more time-sensitive and come with a sense of urgency like no other medical field. Swift action is almost always required. If

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